One of the key pillars Tendresse Studio has been committed to from the start is to always produce in Australia.

The brand is about slowing down and working with a small, trusted circle of creators and suppliers.

We do, of course, believe many countries around the world produce beautiful clothing, but we don't see a reason to outsource our production when we have the skill, ability and desire to support the fashion industry in Australia, our home.

We love being hands on with our creators and working face to face with them, building trust and mutual support.

The model of slow fashion Tendresse Studio embraces is the perfect match to producing in our home city of Melbourne.  We view our exclusively limited production as a responsibility, the goal being for every piece we produce to find a home where it is loved and worn for years to come.

We never over-produce, which means you can have faith you won't see everyone wearing your beautiful Tendresse Studio dress......and what's not to love about that?

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