Tendresse Studio is a silk lifestyle brand based in Melbourne, Australia.  In 2021, the first collection of simple, minimal, silk slips & dresses launched.  The understated design and effortlessness of the pieces have become signatures of the brand.  Each piece is created to stand the test of time in both design & quality, immaculately crafted in Melbourne from pure silks sourced through local fabric houses.  Silk Wear created for home, holiday, events, and life, pieces with versatility that can be styled for every day and every occasion.  Timeless wardrobe staples.

Tendresse Studio is independently owned and operated by the founder, Andrea, who surrounds herself with trusted creatives and collaborators to bring her vision to life.  Intentionally exclusive, the goal is for every piece produced to have a loving home.  Personal and kind, with a desire to become that little secret luxury you can rely on.


"I founded Tendresse Studio in mid-2021, after two decades working in product & brand development, across both luxury and high street brands. 

I’ve always had a love for beautiful, simple dresses, along with an expectation of high quality, natural fabric and premium craftmanship that justify the price tag.  I wanted to buy timeless pieces I would love and wear for years, but I was finding it increasingly difficult to find pieces that delivered on these elements, even at the luxury end of the market.

 My goal is to inspire people to want to understand what they are buying; from fabric, to production quality, to exclusivity (or lack thereof), to longevity of wear.

This refined vision of a dress brand finally materialised into Tendresse Studio, a destination for silk slip dresses, committed to high quality, timeless design, crafted to be loved and worn for years to come."

Andrea Haynes, Founder.